Introduction to Facial

One of the beauty secrets of Korean and Japanese women is a regular face massage. This usually combined with the double cleansing method. Massage of the face improves circulation, keeps wrinkles away, makes skin more elastic, loosens stress, helps to clean pores making moisturizers work better.


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The secret to youthful skin. Gentle epidermal abrasion that reveals newer healthier, younger skin. The treatment includes cleansing, exfoliating,hydration,with ultimate technology, face massage and soothing tonalising mask. Recommended for: * Sun damaged skin

* Fine lines and wrinkles

* Enlarged pores

* Superficial scars and aged spots

Desert Deluxe Organic Detox

This Signature Facial will take you over the top! The Desert pure organic facial combines skin cleansing and enzymatic exfoliation with super-rehydration. Invigorating facial massage for increased elasticity is coupled with lymph stimulation for toxin and fluid release. Utilizing only pure organic ingredients with the fragrance and healing power of exotic flowers with wild herbs, and fruits. This facial uncovers your dewy, revitalized skin in a beautiful pairing of Mother Nature and natural well being This Personalized Facial brings your skin into balance with a Facial created especially for you: * Hydration Facial

* Regenerating Facial My Deluxe variants takes your Facial to the next level. This extended Facial allows for ultimate results and relaxation. Let your mind slip away into a state of relaxation. It includes a second treatment masque, deep penetration serum targeted for your skin,s needs, longer massage and eye contouring treatment.

European Deep Cleansing Facial

Deep pore cleansing specifically designed to unclog pores, removes excess build up, and eliminates blackheads from the skin's surface while infusing essential minerals and vitamins to soothe and protect the skin. Botanical acids loosen and removes dead cells and speeds up new cell regeneration. Refined pores are left clarified and refreshed.

Custom Enzyme Boost

This specialty facial serves up a fruit cocktail of pineapple, papaya and grapefruit in an enzyme mask custom mixed for the specific skin care needs of each client. These enzymes break down dead layers of skin and rapidly accelerates regeneration of new cells leaving the skin polished and vibrant.

Choose from:

Focus 1. Pore Clarifying For the impurity-prone and those of us with skin congestion .This powerful glycolic and salicylic acids arrest bacteria and soften skin for easier pore extractions of problem areas.

Focus 2. Lift and Hydrate For those of us with tired, thirsty skin in need of a supercharged lift. Get your glow with this uplifting facial massage and (drum roll, please!) no extractions necessary. Walk out of my Salon replenished, radiant and ready to be seen.  

Collagen Infusion Facial

Pure collagen Liquid is a solution of water, marine collagen, and marine elastin, no oil, no glycerin, no fillers, no fragrance, no colors, no parabens and no propylene glycol. Hypo allergenic, pure and natural. Re salting in long lasting benefits in series of 3-5 treatments. Combine this super potent liquid with Pure Collagen Sheets Mask, Hyaluronic Acid Ampoules and cocktail of Serum to make a hydrating treatment like no other. Firms, tones, and stimulates collagen production. Plumps and smooths out fine lines

Phytoestrogen Facial

This a stimulating and corrective Facia lis for all skin types with estrogen deficiency. It is not for teenagers and men. A true anti-aging vitamin cocktail! This youth enhancing facial addresses the needs for combination of premature or mature skin with estrogen deficiency by repairing and nourishing your complexion back to a healthy radiance while leaving you looking refreshed and glowing. Phytoestrogen gel mask penetrates deeply to boosts your skin's natural defense, providing intense hydration and immediately firm & lift. Your skin will look and feel fresh and young again.

Rosacea Facial

Calms, soothes, and reduces redness and irritation while strengthening the skins blood vessel walls by nourishing with healing bioflavonoid and highly potent antioxidant vitamins. Gentle exfoliation removes impurities without over-stimulation while increasing vitality and smoothing the skin. Blood circulation is regulated and the result is an even, healthy glow.

Black and White Facial

Skin could not look more radiant after this facial treatment which combines ingredients that even Cleopatra herself used to preserve her legendary appearance bringing men to their knees. Regenerates the skin cells while lightening pigmentation caused by acne scarring and sun damage. It is a powerful anti-aging Facial or a balancing treatment for inflamed skin. Dull, uneven skin once again has new hope as natural brighteners revive skin's appearance.

Natural Acne Treatment

Anti-bacterial herbal and antioxidant packed cleansers removes impurities from out-of-balance skin leaving it naturally soft and clear. Gentle exfoliation loosens dead cells and encourages new cell growth while healing natural botanicals and organic herbs detoxify, calm and appropriately moisturizes to control and balance oily skin which relieves irritation, treats existing breakouts, and improves skin condition. Extensive extractions relieve impacted follicles (if needed). For optimum results, a series of six treatments is recommended.

Boosting Before Events

This quick and intensive facial provides your skin with cleansing, toning, exfoliation and intensive hydration, giving you a fresh and youthful complexion when your time is limited. It is also an excellent preparation prior to any special event or in between your monthly treatments, allowing you to face your day with a radiant glow. (does not include massage or extractions)

Back Facial

Look fabulous from all angles. This treatment targets the one area on the body that is most often ignored. Includes a deep pore cleansing, intensive exfoliation, and extractions followed by a repairing essential oil massage and specialty masque suited for your specific needs. Recommended for ladies with back revealing gowns and anyone preparing for-holiday events and fun!

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